Whenever Shannon Bowers approaches an interior design project, the first thing she does is listen to her clients. She hears what it is they want their interiors to accomplish, how they want their rooms to look, and the ways those spaces will be used. Then, Shannon goes to work to fulfill those directives. In so doing, Shannon creates rooms in homes both grand and modest in scale that have a true personality, that look like no other place. Shannon’s aesthetic is one that might be described as refined and elegant, while also remaining practical and inviting to everyone.

After more than a decade in practice in Dallas, Shannon has a large body of work that reflects her ability to mix individual styles and tastes. Another reason she has remained a success in the interior design industry is that with every project she undertakes, she fosters a true collaboration among the homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors. And she consistently seeks out only the best craftsmen, the highest quality materials, and the most distinctive furnishings.

Shannon’s ultimate goal is to create spaces and an overall décor in which her clients feel inspired every day. These are rooms and interiors people want to occupy and to share.